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Services we offer

In today’s highly competitive business world, hiring the right talent can significantly impact your success. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to enhance your competitiveness. 

Office talks


When faced with rapid internal growth or to conduct several strategic projects without delays you should not limit yourself by lack of internal resources. We are here to support.

Team Portrait

Executive Search

We help you walk the right talent through the door. Our executive search services are available across leadership hiring capabilities.

Business Meeting

CXO On Demand and Transition

In case of a sudden shift in your core team there is no need to wait 6 months (average CXO's recruiting time) to have the boat continue to sail. We are (temporary) part of the crew.

Casual Business Meeting

Bespoke Solutions

Talk to us , if there is something that needs to be done around process, compliance, marketing, sparring partner to the CEO, we can come up with a customised offering

Project Meeting

Specific Projects

Get specific know how and experience for your non-recurring projects. Why build or expand your organization if it's a one off? You can "hire and fire" us. It's fine with us.

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